“Check Atomizer”     

Cause 1) : the negative pole was loose.

Solution: try to screw tightly and see whether it can work or not. 

Cause 2) : the positive pole is too low, the atomizer is too deep, so it had been damaged;

Solution: Contact the vendor from which you got this DNA30 to ask for a replacement. 

Cause 3) : Program Bugs

Solution: Please contact the vendors from which you bought or our company, and offer us the video that reproduced the scene so that we can quickly notice this problem and offer you solution in time.


 “Too Hot”

1) It is because our chip works all the time, no rest, the following image is our cloupor dna30 modz chip’s Oscilloscope test images.

Solution: Later we will add a special function of self-protection, it will messure temperature in our following production.


“Shinning Screen”

Cause: This is our company’s responsibility, Maybe Screen’s cable does not weld well.

Solution: Within the warranty time, you can contact the vendors from which you bought and our company to ask a replacement.



Cause: The atomizer’s resistance value is too small.

Solution: Try another atomizer to check whether the mod can work well or not.


“Fire ongoing”

Cause: We checked and excluded all the programs, the cause we can consider is that the products on the shipping road, which lead to on and off key, input and output key is too close

Solution: Check the dna30 chip’s on and off key, input and output key, and our company will increase glue capacity to fixed them.


     All our cloupor products are 100% passed strictly quality control, and we will also do sampling inspection to completely promise our products quality before sending them to the distributors from different countries. But the shipping problem is the only one thing that is not under our control, and you also know that every small collision will effect the chip cpu’s function. Our company is trying our best to offer the best products and after sales support for every user, so we hope users can also be confident and trust us. Thanks.