Cloupor T5 FAQ
Problem 1.How to set puff couter to 0000
Solution: power and watts down buttons to rest the puff counter.
Problem 2. T5 can't charge over or T5 can still charge while fully charged
This is not malfunction. this is the function we specially make to avoid our device overcharge and explode, the battery will stop charging when our device detected 4.1V,however,battery can always charging to 4.2V,this is why the battery overcharge and can still chaging. but we don't allow that, it has great potential safety hazard.
Problem 3 , can’t work when charging (No pass through?)
It is a kind of safe software designed by ourself reflectingly. You can try it , vaping  heavily while charging , that’s very dangerous . So we lock all the button to make sure your safety while charging. And our Cloupor T5 is the recent only one big power mod that can detect the charging status in whole industry. It does not like the DNA and other device that can not distinguish charging performance, which also stands out our company’s  engineers excellent ability and technology advantages.
Problem 4 ,Turn off randomly
The copper screw may be loose on the bottom, make sure all screws are tight, make sure it is TIGHT as that single copper screw hole is soldered to the board.
Problem 5 ,Check atomizer
Solution: Our Cloupor T5 has adjustable 510 pin, please screw out the center pin to make contact with atomizer's atty.
Problem 6 ,Battery is power off quickly because of excessive discharge
We may need to explain the problem from energy conservation.
You know , IC board can't produce energy . We get all the power from battery .So the basic reason for the problem is , WE ARE THE REALLY 50W .But many other manufacturer is fake 50w , maybe 40w or 38w . So our authentic 50w sure with a excessive outpower and the power consumed much quickly .
For example , a full charged battery like a bucket of water ,30w is a small tube , 50w is a big tube .surely , big 50w tube gonna release water much quickly . That's only can be explained , we are the really 50w!!
Problem 7 ,Big surprise on Sep 16?
We feel very sorry to take you any trouble on the T5 issues.
The fact is we'v put out the update software on 15th .
Some of users update successfully .
They enjoy a lot DIY screen settings (VV/VW , time setting , and beautiful welcome ) and highier power .
But some of users update unsuccessfully for many reasons .
After cloupor team careful consideration , we decide to close the update page , don't do update anymore...