Cloupor mini FAQ
Q 1: Upgradeable Cloupor mini? Chip Model?
A: Our Cloupor mini can not be upgraded. It is the upgraded chip of DNA30.
Q2: Which 18650 battery to use?
A: Receiving many final users' reviews and our engineers test, Sony VTC series 18650 battery (Sony 22R) will not be a bad choice.
Q 3 : Why not use spring loaded 510 pins?
A: We make some market research and do the test, the results show that spring loaded will be easy in bad contact. So our company still use the adjustable screwed 510 pins. Thank you.
Q4: How to active VIP card?
A: After sells vip card is one of the ways that our after sales can verify that the cloupor mini you bought is manufactured from our company or not. You only need to keep it and show it for our after sales if you have cloupor mini problems.
Q5: How to indentify the cloupor mini is authentic or not?
A: There are security code on the mini's outer package box, please scratch and check it. Then it will shows 16 numbers, please input it to the this link's textbox to verify it,
Any problems about cloupor mini, you can contact our, and our after sales must reply you in 1 business day. Thank you.