Hi everyone,
Here comes the great news, Cloupor mini plus are already released and come out market now.

1) Compared other Cloupor series mods,at this time we made big difference on the Cloupor mini plus outer package, smaller and colorful, looks pretty awesome.
2) Cloupor mini plus is really small , very convenient to carry-on all the time.
3) Cloupor mini plus is suitable for every vaper, whoever you are experienced vaping player or just a beginner. Only taking few minutes,you will absolutely know how to use Cloupor mini plus and be amazing with its powerful functions.
We can promise that Cloupor mini plus is the easiest to use and smallest TC box mod in the market now.
4) Compare to Cloupor mini, we made many good improvements on cloupor mini plus, including 50W real output power and add temperature control mode for Titanium and Nickel. And what amazing is, their price is not different too much.
It's time for you to buy a Cloupor mini plus to instead of your Cloupor mini. :)
5) Cloupor mini plus has 5 available color, black, white, blue, dark orange and pink, you can buy two cloupor mini plus in diffrent color as couple gifts, one for yourself, another one for your wife or girl friend. :)
6) You must like it when you got Cloupor mini plus. :P
And the National Day is coming in China now, all our staffs will get 7 holidays, but our after sales will also try our best to follow-up all inquiry ASAP.
About business inquiry, you can email our info@cloupor.com so that we can arrange for your orders in line in time.
If there is anything else we can help you with, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you.

Best regards,
Shenzhen Cloupor Technology Co.,ltd